Who we are

VET IAS School of Business was founded in 2023.Our School of Business is a place where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and futures are crafted. Our School of Business is not just a collection of classrooms and walls; it's a thriving ecosystem where innovation and entrepreneurship converge. It's a hub where students transform into leaders, armed with knowledge that goes beyond textbooks and into real-world applications. Diversity is the cornerstone of our school. Here, you'll find minds from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.


Creating a Centre of Excellence in Business Education and Building a Legacy of Socially Responsible Leaders.


Preparing graduates for leadership roles by insisting critical thinking, Problem solving, Communication and Collaboration skills.
Nurturing the qualities of leadership through experiential learning, innovative teaching and Industry-Institute Collaboration.
Focusing on building the culture of Innovation, Ethical leadership, Entrepreneurship spirits and Community engagement.